Manual de Calidad (Inglés)

The SAE Institute (UK) Quality Manual forms the framework for the provision and maintenance of academic quality and standards for all programmes offered by SAE Institute.
The quality manual outlines all regulations, policies, procedures that govern all teaching and learning at SAE Institute. In addition, SAE Institute publishes further guidelines, handbooks and programme requirements that are made available to students upon commencement of study.


Section 1: Academic Policies, Procedures and Codes
• A01 Academic Standards and Quality Assurance Policy
• Code Of Assessment Practice Including Moderation
• Code Of Practice On Setting Assessment
• Code Of Practice On Assignment Feedback
• A03 Academic Honesty Policy
• Code Of Practice On Research Ethics
• A04 Intellectual Property Policy
a05sae uk_1_a_pol_a06policyaccreditationpriorlearning_170705.docx_
• A07 Academic Grievance Policy
• A08 Student Progression, Graduation, and Transfer
• A10 External Examining Policy
• A11 Monitoring and Evaluation Procedure
• A12 Academic Review Procedure

Section 2: General Policies and Procedures
• G01 Code of Conduct
• G02 Public Information Policy and approval procedures
• G03 Equal Opportunity Disability and Inclusion Policy
• G04 Student Engagement Policy
• G05 Non-Academic Grievance Policy
• G06 Information Privacy Policy
• G06a Data processing procedure note for G06
• G06b Updated HESA Student Collection Notice 28th June 2016
• G06c Updated Collection notice (DLHE C16018) HESA
• G07 Information Technology Network Usage and E-mail Policy
• G08 Staff Development Policy
• G09 Careers and Employability Policy
• G10 Pastoral Support Policy

Section 3: International Student Policies
• INT01 International Student Policy
• INT02 International Education Agent Management Policy